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Tote Backpack (Olive)

Tote Backpack (Olive)

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A beautiful bag or the Tote Backpack is a real masterpiece of functionality and style. It is made of real leather, boutique in Slovenia. Transforming into a stylish backpack with a simple move of the straps, this bag brings innovation, elegance and comfort.


A special patent organizes a real revolution in the world of bags. It is adapted for exceptional wearing comfort, as it can be perfectly adapted to your needs. The straps allow you to adjust the length, which ensures maximum comfort and carefree wearing throughout the day.


The Tote Backpack maintains its perfect shape whether it is fully loaded or not. The elegant design is also practical, as it is very spacious, and in addition, it has a larger zippered pocket on the back for storing smaller items, and an additional space inside, suitable, for example, for the safe storage of a computer or folder, notebook or other necessities .

Safety is also taken care of, as the shoulder straps are patented to close the middle part of the zipper when worn on the back.

The Tote Backpack is a refinement of comfort and lightness, thanks to a combination of materials carefully selected for an optimal wearing experience.


The width extends from 45 cm at the top to 40 cm at the bottom. The height of the bag measures 40 cm, while the width at the bottom is 11 cm, and the bottom is hard and stable.

This bag combines functionality, style and quality, which puts it at the very top of fashion accessories that do not lose out on practicality.

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