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Padded leather gloves (mittens) , size L-XL (Color: WHISKEY)

Padded leather gloves (mittens) , size L-XL (Color: WHISKEY)

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One-finger leather gloves, handmade in Slovenia, represent the ultimate combination of comfort, timelessness and warmth. Their interior is lined with soft artificial fur, which ensures a pleasant and warm experience. The cuff can be rolled up, allowing for customization according to personal preferences and preferences.

The gloves are made from a combination of high-quality genuine leather and artificial fur, which ensures the natural warmth and softness of the material.

Their aesthetic and hand-crafted design emphasize attention to detail and the Slovenian artisanal tradition. These beautiful gloves are not only a practical accessory to protect against cold weather, but also a great fashion accessory. They are suitable for various winter activities.

The gloves are packaged in a handy cotton bag, which makes them a great gift choice as well. Due to their aesthetic perfection and carefully selected materials, they represent a perfect combination of functionality, style and tradition of Slovenian craftsmanship.

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