Functional, leather, handcrafted, unique and purposefull bags/backpacks that offer an alternative from chain products

I am Ana Gloria from Slovenia which is small and very beautiful country in the heart of EU. A lot of people never heard of it but we have beautiful nature, a lot of talented people, traditional cuisine and so many places to discover. We have our own language, heritage and many well-developed sections.

I love to design, create and make art and have always been very into things, connected with art. I have two names - Ana and Gloria. I am very down-to-earth person, but when I create things, I become relaxed and full of energy. That’s why I love to say that the name “Gloria” represents my creative alter ego and is therefore also the name of my brand. 
I got Master degree in Sociology with honors, hoping I’d find a satisfying job in business. Soon enough I discovered that my heart belongs to creativity field. This is when I started crafting things to satisfy my passion.

The art of crafting runs in my family and I was constantly looking for ideas to make something unique, something my own. I went to my father’s leather factory (he owns a company producing working gloves), found a place behind abandoned sewing machine and learn how to sew by myself. It was love at first sight. I started selling my convertible bags (the first product was called “The Bag” and it was convertible from bag to backpack and vice versa) and I was impressed by reviews of my first customers. I worked so so hard on many different and unique designs for a long time, had a lot of prototypes, lots of failures and finally, after lots and lots of sleepless nights, I came up with precisely handcrafted designs you see now! When I heard about Etsy I was impressed that actually there is a place that brings together creative souls from all over the world and gives us opportunity to represent ourselves. I sell things here in Etsy, through my Etsy Pattern website and also in person, in my physical store in my hometown. It is actually very small room that I renovated into little shop and where I can invite customers and show them the fantasy world of leather bags. It is all I have ever dreamt about and so much more! When I work and sell bags, the inspiration just flows. I love making new designs every day, this is truly my dream job! Every bag I make gives me special feeling and I am truly devoted to making the best possible product and providing only the best customer service! This is the only thing that matters to me and I will never change that. I love all customers that support my dream and passion of crafting and I am forever grateful to have possibility to make something that leaves an impression and make someone happy.

I work with different types of leather which I buy from vendors who treat animals humanely and use them for food purposes and not just for leather. The leather I use is the best quality and at the same time, a byproduct of meat industry, which helps reduce waste.

Since perfectionism is my middle name, it took me a lot of time, patience and practice to come to the point where I am really satisfied with my bags. I am very thankful for everyone who support me in continuing to grow every day. My purpose is to be creative, work hard with my own pair of hands and to enjoy spending the day doing something I love.

What makes Gloria Bags so unique is producing high-quality products with affordable prices. The aim is also to produce handcraft everything precisely to the tiniest detail. These goods are locally produced and have unique character.
I am not into mass-production which generally offers lower quality and things are not made with passion and love. I am the artist who ensure the quality of everything I work on. I hand-make all of my products from start to finish, work directly with my customers, and create top-quality leather goods with a lot of character.

Each item is designed by me. I source the best materials that I need, then I’m ready to get making! Each item is cut from leather, branded, sewn, has hardware attached and is checked for quality at each step.

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THANK YOU for your time! ♡

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