Functional, leather, handcrafted, unique and purposefull bags/backpacks that offer an alternative from chain products

I am Ana from Slovenia and I simply love to design, create and make art. I find inspiration everywhere. In nature, people, situation, inspirations... The whole “Gloria story” started when I was born and parents gave me two names: Ana and Gloria. I think the other one was reserved for my very creative alter ego. I have always been very into things, connected with art. Painting, drawing, illustrating, crocheting... Being an illustrator of Children magazine for 11 years was just a part of it. My mother is a painter and my father owns a leather company, making vintage leather gloves, aprons, belts etc. I found myself somewhere in between them and I came to an idea that I want to create something by myself.
So one day, just at the time when I’ve finished my bachelor degree, I went to our factory and decided to learn how to sew.
It took me a lot of time, patience and practice.
But here I am, with my very own brand “Gloria”, making leather art with my own pair of hands. Everything started in 2016 and it was the best decision jn my life. I love to create things that give you everything: functionality, high quality, make you feel special and unique.

My official profession is Master of Sociology.
Even if I’m not working on my field, studying sociology gave me a lot, it is beneficial in a lot of areas and it gives another way of understanding society. It makes you see a wider range of opportunities and choices, helps you broaden your horizons and see the things from a different perspective. I am happy that I decided to put all my energy into my brand and am pretty sure that being a Master of Sociology will help me do it in the best way possible. I am very thankful to everyone who support me in continuing to grow every day.

The purpose is to be creative, to work with my own hands and to enjoy spending the day doing something I love.

What makes Gloria Bags so unique is producing high-quality products with affordable prices. The aim is also to produce handcraft everything precisely to the tiniest detail. These goods are locally produced and have unique character.
I am not into mass-production which generally offers lower quality and things are not made with passion and love. I am the artist who ensure the quality of everything I work on. I hand-make all of my products from start to finish, work directly with my customers, and create top-quality leather goods with a lot of character.

Each item is designed by me. I source the best materials that I need, then I’m ready to get making! Each item is cut from leather, branded, sewn, has hardware attached and is checked for quality at each step.

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